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Postcard ad mock up

A brief on one of my illustration courses was to invent a postcard to advertise something.

I wanted to try doing something for a company that already existed to see if I could use their branding and image to make something new that still “felt” like the company.  I chose Corsican Places.  I liked the idea of coming up with a postcard that could be slipped into a newspaper or supplement pack.

front of card

reverse of card

An A6 slip of card is fairly easy to ignore in a publication so I wanted to do something that made it feel more like a little gift, something that the recipient might use or make.  I settled in the end on a luggage tag.  The A6 was too big to be a whole luggage tag, so I shaped the lower half into a luggage tag by using cut-off corners, a punched hole with brown reinforcements and perforating along the edge.

The reverse of the card has the address panel in the standard position, but if torn off this becomes the address panel for the luggage tag.  The card asks to be taken to its destination.  I feel tempted to join it!


Hi.  I’ll be posting my drawings, designs and ideas here.  I hope you enjoy it.