a swamp in a lantern

by emmaillustrates

I’ve been thinking for a while about what to do with the 3d illustrations after I’ve finished taking pictures of them.

The larger ones head straight for the recycling, but the little ones are very solid and don’t take up too much house space.  They just need something to keep the dust off them, as I doubt paper enjoys being dusted regularly.  I looked at “official” display cases for model cars and similar, but they were very shiny and gitzy looking, a little too bling for a bit of matt paper, so I bought myself an old fashioned looking glass and metal lantern as an experiment to put the little swamp monster guy in:

I think this suits him quite well and I’ll be keeping my eye on ebay and my local second hand shops for more lanterns and boxes to house the rest of them.  Any other ideas let me know…