IF hitched

by emmaillustrates

Poor bears, they’ve chosen the worst place to hitchhike from, they’ll never catch a 4000 mile lift from piccadilly circus.  At least they’re only paper – i suppose they could travel airmail.

This is for the Illustration Friday topic hitched.  There’s a detail or two below, and an alternative hitched here.


Before the “ink” of my digital camera was even dry, i’ve thought of things i would do differently on this.  I think if the piccadilly sights were miniaturised the whole thing could crowd together into a happier, more even, composition.  The contrast in size between the architecture peices and the small cars and characters means it’s ended up looking a little gappy.

As i was working on it I amended and redrew the composition a few times.  One of the changes I made was to cut the tourists I had originally planned to have standing about.  It was unnecessary “noise” and confused things too much.  Now i have a few homeles little paper people knocking around.  I’ll store them for another day.