Mail Me Art 3

by emmaillustrates

wipe that look off your face

line drawing on translucent paper over collage on envelope.

This is my bit for Mail Me Art 3.

Mail Me Art 3 is a project devised by Darren de Lieto of the Little Chimp Society bringing together mail art from 200 artists, illustrators and other exciting creative people across the world.  I’m very pleased and excited to have been selected for  it.  Each contributor illustrates a C5 envelope on one side and addresses it to Mail Me Art on the other.  Then we stamp and send the envelope with the illustration taking its chances out there in the world, left to Royal Mail’s tender mercies!  The envelope is the work, not the contents.  An exhibition and book of the work follows in July.  I absolutely cannot wait to see what the other 199 people have made and how all the work has survived through the mail.

We could each choose whether to leave the envelope empty or put something inside.  I put another little bit of work inside as I like the idea of a free gift! It’s a little postcard-sized drawing called Bath Night.  Here’s a scan of it: