Secret 7″

by emmaillustrates

I am so pleased that my sleeve illustration has been selected for Secret 7” this year.

There are seven excellent songs pressed 100 times each onto  7″ vinyl.  Creatives of all kinds make covers for each one.  They are sold for £45 each to raise money for War Child.  Excitingly, both the artist and the track are anonymous, unknown until the buyer has their purchase in their sweaty mitts.

The exhibition will be downstairs at Mother London to view 12th and 13th April.  The singles will be available to buy on Record Store Day, 19th April.  Put your hand in your pocket and get a bargain piece of art, a 7″ single and to help children in unimaginably difficult situations.

Here’s the wonderful gallery of all the sleeves, can you guess which is mine?


I think they selected the strongest of the three that I submitted.  I can’t show you the one that they did select (it’s a secret!) but these are the two that didn’t make the bar.  First for Virginia Plain by Roxy Music, second for Massive Attack’s Karmacoma