Secret 7″ PV

by emmaillustrates

Last night was the private view of the Secret 7″ exhibition, they have a lively Twitter feed too here.

Those people can throw a party. Delicious beer from Crate Brewery, so much amazing art (including live art by Day Job Studio happening right there projected onto the wall so we could all watch), a fascinating and moving speech from Rob Williams CEO of War Child and some great music from the Vinyl Library

Anyway, here’s some photos.  Doesn’t it look excellent.  I’ve included a couple of me for posterity so sorry about that, there’s a truly terrible photo of me showing off my name and one of me failing to treat the event with the gravity it deserved as I was leaving by doing a sombre face sky point.  For both these things, I blame Crate.

pv1 pv2 pv3 pv3a pv4 pv5 pv5a pv6 pv9