Making of – The Motraits

by emmaillustrates

Here’s a little rundown of my process for making the portraits for Movember.

First, a sketch in my sketch book from the photo that has been sent to me.


I’ve added in new clothes on these.  Felt like he might suit some formal wear.


Next I make an ink copy of my sketch, ironing out any problems (such as where I’d over extended his nose)

motrait process1

I scan this and tidy up the drawing in photoshop


Then it’s layers of colour.  As these are for people who’ve won competitions with HP Sauce, they’re matching the labels as lovely blue folk.  These are the first four layers.

motrait process2


Then on top of that there are another four.

motrait process3

Then when the line drawing is layered on top of that, we have the finished motrait

wk2 portrait2 copy