Construction Manager – cultural intelligence

by emmaillustrates

Commissioned piece on cultural intelligence in Construction Manager magazine which was published this month. I really enjoyed making this piece.

construction manager

The Art Editor had quite a clear idea of the concept for this image, of people dropping their cultural baggage, and that she wanted part of the image to break out and have the text wrapped around. It was fun bringing it to life.

She also pointed out several pieces of mine were the right sort of style for the piece they wanted. I LOVE it when clients do that!

A little bit of the starting sketch. I liked this little gaggle of people for some reason.


Here was the sketch for the final piece

for social hand luggage sketch

And the (not actually that rough at all!) rough. The placement of the image within the article was moved at this stage so the gutter would fall in a different place. You can see the amendments to the layout between the rough and final with the arch, the man with his hand luggage and the crowd to the left so they would not be lost in the fold.


The final piece:

for social cultural intelligence construction manager