Being my own client! Wedding save the dates

by emmaillustrates

It’s fun to have a project that’s close to your heart and it doesn’t get much closer than my own wedding.

It turns out I’m a very easy client, it’s almost like I knew what was inside my head! My fiance was entirely relaxed about it apart from not fancying the script font I’d picked out for the words Save the date. A “no fake curly writing” rule has been applied. I was happy to use a more scuzzy, urban font instead. The ceremony will be in the middle of a city and it will be a fairly non-traditional wedding so this feels right.

I chose fresh, sweet colours to reflect the early summer date and our reception being near the green airiness of a large park. Hand made textures seemed important for a sense of the rustic handmade. I made some textures with my printing rollers and various sorts of paper and stencil, then overlaid everything in Photoshop. Collectively it’s a gentle hint at what the day will be – summery, London-y, a little bit rustic, non-traditional.

And here it is. Names changed to protect the innocent!

save the date sample