by emmaillustrates

Plaque for Creekmouth Village.

I am thrilled that the Creekmouth Village plaque has been erected. This is the first time I’ve ever seen my name engraved on steel! I was commissioned to draw a populated map illustration and illustrated story panels for a commemorative plaque at the site of Creekmouth village in London. This is certainly one of the most unusual “friendly infographic” pieces I’ve done!

The illustration has been engraved into a steel plate and mounted on a concrete plinth in the Creekmouth Open Space. Creekmouth Village was built on the banks of the Thames in east London by victorian agricultural scientist Sir John Bennet Lawes, for workers at his fertiliser factory, and was destroyed in the 1950s by flooding. A regeneration project was started in 2005 and there is now a park (Creekmouth Open Space) on the banks of the river. For more information about Creekmouth see the Creekmouth Preservation Society The agency for this project was the design studio who did the design, lettering and layout of the plaque. This project was unusual as, given the size of the plaque and the level of detail, I largely worked on computer only – drawing directly on my Wacom tablet rather than drawing in pen then scanning and editing.

The engraved illustration in situ:

The plaque 1 The plaque 2

The map drawing:

creekmouth map low res

The panels:

panel river panel square panel way to barkingpanel sir john

Some details from the map:

creekmouth detail back row

creekmouth detail front row

creekmouth detail plane

creekmouth detail pond square

creekmouth detail pub