March meet the maker – Day 14

by emmaillustrates


Day14 #marchmeetthemaker is Creative Friends.
What a talented lot my friends are. They wow me all the time with their energy & achievements.  I’m so lucky to know artists, musicians, editors, directors, designers & makers… but today I’ve chosen an innovator; a creative businesswoman who is enabling makers to shine and flourish too. My dear friend Wendy runs an online marketplace for natural food sold by independent makers. Like Etsy for nosh! Go give them a look it’s wall-to-wall food porn, plus recipes & special offers. Wendy is a power house (or crazy!) she started her business around the same time she had her first baby, he’s now walking and her business is up on its feet too. She’s funny, energetic, genuine and one of the nicest people I know. She’s doing a big crowd funder at the moment so you could even invest in her business (find link on homepage of ) Pics are of a product, a recipe, her logo and of her as one of my bridesmaids playing with flowers (she’s going to kill me for that one haha)