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geared up from the olympics

here’s an olympic cyclist cunningly disguised as a greyhound… to try to tide myself over from the sudden lack of olympic and paralympic sport.

this 3d illustration is handcut paper for the lovely Illustration Rally, check them out here

IF Suspend

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “suspend”.   I’ve always enjoyed suspending my disbelief and losing myself in stories and tall tales.  

I think if someone told me a herd of Tamworths were passing the window, flying in perfect formation, I’d glance outside before I questioned the story!  Here’s a piglet getting a little flying practice in.  He’s made of hand cut cartridge paper.  

IF hitched the second

Here we witness the sad moment when Dick Whittington’s cat lost all respect for him as they tried to hitch back to London.  Maybe he resented being taken back and forth across country on the whim of his master hearing a bell talk to him!

this is a hand cut paper illustration for the Illustration Friday topic hitched and i’m cheating slightly as i happened to make two, here’s the first.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any historical basis for the real Richard Whittington having a cat or of him hearing Bow Bells ringing out to him, and he certainly wasn’t a poor orphan. Sometimes real life doesn’t stand up too well to legend.

IF hitched

Poor bears, they’ve chosen the worst place to hitchhike from, they’ll never catch a 4000 mile lift from piccadilly circus.  At least they’re only paper – i suppose they could travel airmail.

This is for the Illustration Friday topic hitched.  There’s a detail or two below, and an alternative hitched here.


Before the “ink” of my digital camera was even dry, i’ve thought of things i would do differently on this.  I think if the piccadilly sights were miniaturised the whole thing could crowd together into a happier, more even, composition.  The contrast in size between the architecture peices and the small cars and characters means it’s ended up looking a little gappy.

As i was working on it I amended and redrew the composition a few times.  One of the changes I made was to cut the tourists I had originally planned to have standing about.  It was unnecessary “noise” and confused things too much.  Now i have a few homeles little paper people knocking around.  I’ll store them for another day.

Happy Rabbit Day Illustration Rally

Rabbits are dancing all over the place, it must be spring.  Happy easter bank holiday everyone, hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

Up above are dancing rabbits as a 3D paper construction and down below are some 2D dancing rabbits (line drawing on semi transparency over collage).

IF swamp

A quick snap of my swamp monster for this week’s Illustration Friday project “Swamp”

I don’t think he’s terribly scary.  I imagine he’s only walking like that ’cause he’s trying to remember where he left his glasses!

He’s a paper construction, cut from cartridge paper with a scalpel.


Wolves illustration – hand cut cartridge paper and tracing paper

I’ve been reading a novel that features a wolf recently.  It made me think that I must be overdue to pluck out Angela Carter’s “Bloody Chamber” again to read The Company of Wolves and it led to my head being filled with wolves and werewolves of all kinds.

This illustration is an experiment to test an idea I suppose.  If I were to rework it I would tighten the whole thing up and probably work smaller.  Each of the paper pieces was rather larger than I would usually want to make and it led to the composition going a little awry.  Because of this I chose the composition for the final image above by photographing a section of the whole “set” that I had made. Here are some other bits of the set below

Return of the 3d – adrift

This is about when a freelance job is being difficult while you’re trying to find your way through it.  My partner works as a TV editor and a few days ago he described this sensation as being “adrift on a sea of television”   I thought that was a lovely summary so I set out to illustrate it.

Since my camera shuffled off its mortal coil I had been unable to photograph any 3D work without borrowing equipment from all over. I’ve now got my own digital camera again and it’s a relief to be making paper constructions again.  It’s so much fun and very satisfying – one of my favourite things to do.

Here’s a couple of alternate lighting views and a detail of the little fella and his huge tv monitor in the rowing boat. This is made of white cartridge paper cut with a scalpel.