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Meet the Maker day 13

Day 13 #marchmeetthemaker is photography OK confession up front – product photography is a weak spot for me! Taking photos of little things that fit in a little folding soft box I have is fine. But larger things like these bags, or prints i find tricky. Especially framed prints… the reflections!

This week illustrated goodies for sale at House of Illustration

From 29th November to 7th December House of Illustration’s shop is expanding into an illustrators’ fair which has some of my work in it.  My prints, bags and badges will all be there.

House of Illustration is at 2 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4BH.

Here are pics of one or two of the products there:

badges goldfish tote bag

flamingo rucksack hare bear pear tote bag icecream tote double scoop long handles emma russell flamingo cat villains