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#BAGSIE featured in Digital Arts and Design Week

Two new features about #BAGSIE.  The Digital Arts one is fun as this is the first time I’ve seen the photos of my #BAGSIE portrait:



Flamingo Alphabet and Bear – new exhibition

Now on! Two new pieces of work are currently on show in “Zoo” a group exhibition at The Hanbury Arms, London, N1 7DU. The show will be up until October 31st.  The prints are also available to buy from my new shop at helloemma.tictail.com

There’s a Flamingo Alphabet and a Bear:

emma russell flamingo

emma russell bear jpeg



Following on from the last blog post, here’s some more of the progress photos of the bagsie project with Soapbox & Sons and Jonathan Knowles.

The previous post showed work on a 2D version, but I then went to work on a 3D version.  As you can see in the process of making it my desk becomes more and more chaotic! The photo shoot with the finished article was yesterday. There are 10 artists taking part being photographed yesterday and today.  Have a search on Twitter for #BAGSIE and see the exciting behind the scenes pictures from Jenny Theolin and Emma Taylor.   I can’t wait to see the photographs. 

Here I’m modelling the head to make a series of nets to build the final product.   You can see the paper mache base that I made underneath (the half sphere) which acts as a framework for the whole thing.

1 2 3


I removed these pieces and used them as templates to cut and score the coloured paper, then folded and glued them onto the hard paper mache base.

4 5 6


Here’s the nearly completed head.  After this the long paper section at the top rolls back in on itself to make a curve.

7 8 9 10 11


At this stage the bird is a sort of standalone mask!



Next was working the bird into the bag so it looks like it is busting out through the front.



My partner took some snaps the morning before I went for the photo shoot…  Still in my pjs (#^.^#)  Here you can see the paper bits of bag cut to make it look like the bird has explosively shoved her head through the bag.

1614  15

Some #Bagsie progress

The #BAGSIE collaboration with Soapbox and Sons and Jonathan Knowles is shooting on Tuesday.  I’m very excited!

I’ve been rather slow adding the Work in Progress photos as I’ve been making my bag as I’ve been really busy.  I promise faithfully I will post properly soon, but in the meantime here’s a couple of photos.

Here’s some of my models

IMG_0827 copy IMG_1348 copy


Some doodles:


Some collage and ink



Birds for wedding stationery




I’ve had a lovely commission to make wedding stationery.  The brief was native birds in ivory, pink and raspberry toile de jouy colours.  Here is the “cast list” of birds that I drew as a starting point to the final design.

Twelve Days of Christmas




Christmas card entries for the latest Tigerprint competition, Christmas Icons

I’ve tried to freshen up the classic imagery of the twelve days of christmas song with colour and a bit of a lightness of touch.  Hopefully.

Movember birds iPhone cases

mo birds

Mobirds are here!  I drew these little guys and made them into a pattern for a Gallery of Mo and Love Through Design competition.  They were selected so now they are available on the Love Through Design website as iPhone and iPad cases, with a percentage of profits going to Movember.  You can find them here

Mobirds HelloEmma iPhone 4 Mobirds HelloEmma iPad-Mini-Case-Pic

taking care of business

1 2

4 3

5   With two shows opening next week, it is high time for some new business cards that actually have the right details on them.  I have gone for some thick ones with bright red coloured edges (stationery fetishist alert).  Above are the five designs I’ve drawn for the fronts and below is the reverse side which is the same on all of them.  They look a tiny bit funny here as these images include a few mm of crop, so just imagine a mm off the edges!

emma russell info

They will arrive by thursday next week so i’ll show you what they’re like when they arrive!

hand drawn typography

a little drawing for the tiger print hand drawn typography competition

more birds… i seem to be getting slightly obsessed!

boring the tits off me

You are boring the tits off me

my OH used this saying in jest a couple of times over the last month or so and it always makes me giggle.  i hasten to add about tv shows and such, not about me. i have been, as always, riveting!

the tits are in my garden again now the weather has shifted way down the thermostat so it seemed fitting.  back for winter are the gorgeous greats and blues and my favourite of all the long tailed tits with their tiny bills and rosy feathers, like animated paintings.