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bit of sketchbook plotting for a new 2d picture:


Cushion for Ohh Deer pillow fight

Here’s a cushion cover illustration for the ohh deer pillow fight competition that i’ve put on to their natty little cushion template. fingers crossed 🙂 the deadline’s been extended for a couple of weeks so hopefully i’ll have time to do a second one too, hooray!

IF Space

Illustration Friday’s subject this week is “Space”

These are the sparrows that cluster in the tree outside my living room window, jostling and shouting at each other for space while waiting for their turn on the bird feeder.  I love to watch them chatter at each other or nestling down amongst the leaves.

Business blue tits

Business cards were the order of the day around working yesterday.  Here’s the finished design for the front face of them:

I’m already thinking about changes i’ll make for the next set!  I’d imagine the bird and corner may need to be drawn with a heavier line or they might disappear although i really want it to be as subtle as possible, so I’ll see how they look when they’re printed.  A greater contrast between the grey colour and the bright colour might be good.  A darker, cooler grey would help i think.

I started out with a drawing from a shirt i’d made.  Here he is, he was just hand painted so he’s looking a little battered a couple of years on.

Here’s mr blue tit as a sketch from the shirt and some claw images i copied, as i was never happy with how i had painted them on the shirt.  in the end i used the open claws (bottom left of claw drawings) and worked from those to imagine how they might act when gripping a thread.


Here’s the two elements combined.  I was toying with two ideas for the thread, either he’s pulling open the edge of the card or it leads onto the other side to spell out my name.  I liked the idea of a bright corner being revealed, so that’s where i landed.

silly bird doodle

painting on the reverse of acetate