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Mail Me Art 3

wipe that look off your face

line drawing on translucent paper over collage on envelope.

This is my bit for Mail Me Art 3.

Mail Me Art 3 is a project devised by Darren de Lieto of the Little Chimp Society bringing together mail art from 200 artists, illustrators and other exciting creative people across the world.  I’m very pleased and excited to have been selected for  it.  Each contributor illustrates a C5 envelope on one side and addresses it to Mail Me Art on the other.  Then we stamp and send the envelope with the illustration taking its chances out there in the world, left to Royal Mail’s tender mercies!  The envelope is the work, not the contents.  An exhibition and book of the work follows in July.  I absolutely cannot wait to see what the other 199 people have made and how all the work has survived through the mail.

We could each choose whether to leave the envelope empty or put something inside.  I put another little bit of work inside as I like the idea of a free gift! It’s a little postcard-sized drawing called Bath Night.  Here’s a scan of it:

run back to the forest

line drawing and collage

IF Space

Illustration Friday’s subject this week is “Space”

These are the sparrows that cluster in the tree outside my living room window, jostling and shouting at each other for space while waiting for their turn on the bird feeder.  I love to watch them chatter at each other or nestling down amongst the leaves.

IF Puzzled

Here’s “foxed” my piece for this week’s Illustration Friday topic “Puzzled”.  How does she do that?

It’s line drawing on semi transparent paper over a collage.  In a crazed break (well, ok not crazy, but I’m trying to sound rock n roll!) with tradition I scanned the two pieces separately and put them together digitally.  I worry sometimes that the colours get a little lost when I scan or photograph the whole thing as a piece.  The colours are meant to be muted that’s why I use the overlaid paper, but not too fuzzy.

I think this seems to have worked pretty well, it looks fresher. I’d love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on it?

Here’s a snap of the whole thing as a piece for comparison:

And of the line drawing on its own

Happy Rabbit Day Illustration Rally

Rabbits are dancing all over the place, it must be spring.  Happy easter bank holiday everyone, hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

Up above are dancing rabbits as a 3D paper construction and down below are some 2D dancing rabbits (line drawing on semi transparency over collage).

IF swamp

A quick snap of my swamp monster for this week’s Illustration Friday project “Swamp”

I don’t think he’s terribly scary.  I imagine he’s only walking like that ’cause he’s trying to remember where he left his glasses!

He’s a paper construction, cut from cartridge paper with a scalpel.

IF Prepare

After an unseasonably warm winter so far, the frost is here and the wind is starting to bite.  I reckon it’s time to start preparing for winter.

I’ve got my plants ready for it, extra food is going out for the winter birds visiting and, even better, I have a beautiful new coat to keep out the chill.   Here’s a wintry woman to remind me to prepare for the coming cold and snow.  I wonder if she knows where I left those grey leg warmers…

Ink line drawing on translucent paper with collage

IF Grounded

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is grounded.

Here I am literally grounded.  Like most people, getting my feet into the grass, sand, sea or escaping into the forest make me feel reconnected to the world and myself.  This is collage with overlayed line drawing.

I’ve done a paint on acetate version too, here’s a link to it

And here’s a little sketchbook too.  Some of the foot drawings:

and my initial doodles thinking about Grounded

IF highlight

Hello again Illustration Friday.  It’s been far too long.

This week’s topic is “Highlight”.  As nature abhors a vacuum, so something in me hates to see a gap that could be filled with a pun!  So my high light, is.  I love old industrial lamps and the personalities they all seem to have. This illustration is collage with a line drawing.

There’s a couple of other versions below, a pencil and ink drawing, and my more usual collage with a translucent overlay.

secret's out

Now all the postcards are sold to raise money for the Fine Art Student Award Fund, RCA Secret  has owned up to who’s who. So we can all confess.  And I promise I will stop going on about Secret for a bit!   Funny to think someone out there owns the originals of these now, if they sold of course.  If you have one I hope you enjoy it.

Mr Rabbit is ink line drawing and collage as is my engine, below.

This is the odd one out, line drawing and painting: