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Dog mermaid

dog mermaid

Seals are dog mermaids aren’t they?

Sketch for Illustration Friday.


pug coloured

remember this guy? i finally got around to scanning and colouring him. he still looks pretty grouchy!

do something, make something

when i catch myself starting to flag/get down/procrastinate/take myself too seriously (that last one especially) there’s a phrase that i scrawl on my sketchbook to give myself a kick.  i thought i’d illustrate it, everything’s better with drawings.

bitch illustration emma russell 

Pug card


Scan of the sad pug birthday card for a friend’s 40th.  I rather like him, I think I might shine him up a little and add some colour.


in case your day wouldn’t be complete without a dachshund playing the banjo, here he is!

line drawing on paper with digital collage.


Here are a few sketches of reference material for some ideas i’m working on