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RCA Secret postcards 2016

1 and 2 blue yellow copy 2 and 1 yellow blue copy 3 yellow blue copy

Time has whizzed by and I haven’t yet shared my postcards from this year’s RCA secret. It’s always a great event, the money raised from the sale of cards goes to support the Royal College of Art students and the possibility of scooping up a little piece of work that you love is brilliant!

These are my three cards in acrylic paint, printing ink and pen and ink. Two for the London show, one for the Dubai show. I was thrilled that the buyers from the London show both got in touch.

Wild Summer Garden pattern

A wedding is a fantastic excuse to make patterns! I made this floral repeat pattern “Wild Summer Garden” with a textured, vintage look in two different colours as the background for my wedding invitations.

pattern pattern3 rgb

Secret 7″

I didn’t make the show for Secret 7″ this year.  They received 7000 entries so I don’t feel too bad about this especially as I was really pleased with the pieces I drew – sleeves for At Last, Worry and Dream 3.  http://secret-7.com/

Emma Russell At Last low res  Emma Russell Worry low res dream 3

Drawing Dave – The exhibition 10 – 14 May Birmingham

The Drawing Dave exhibition of… well… drawings of Daves… launches tomorrow night (Tuesday 10th May) at Aceface Barbers, Bristol Street, Birmingham.


If you’re in the area go and take a look, there’s a limited edition beer by Two Towers Brewery and drawings by 50 artists and it looks like a great venue. After the exhibition the work will be available to buy via auction with all proceeds going to Pancreatic Cancer UK. You’ll find all the details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/515791541958396/


Here’s what the curator has to say:

“An exhibition of ‘Daves’ drawn by 50 artists to support Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Following the death of the ‘Only Fools and Horses’ star Roger Lloyd Pack in 2014, Pancreatic Cancer UK launched a national fundraiser ‘Call Everyone Dave Day’ inspired by the character that Roger famously played.

As part of this fundraising initiative artist Dan Genders is raising money for the charity by inviting artists, illustrators and celebrities to draw a famous Dave that will be sold via a silent auction. Dan is working with curator, Trevor Pitt, to organise an exhibition of the Dave artwork at the Secret Cellar, which is part of AceFace Barbers on Bristol Street, Birmingham.

The public will be able to view the exhibition at AceFace from 10th to 14th May 2016. Following the exhibition all the artwork will be available to buy via an eBay auction with all the funds going directly the charity.



Being my own client! Wedding save the dates

It’s fun to have a project that’s close to your heart and it doesn’t get much closer than my own wedding.

It turns out I’m a very easy client, it’s almost like I knew what was inside my head! My fiance was entirely relaxed about it apart from not fancying the script font I’d picked out for the words Save the date. A “no fake curly writing” rule has been applied. I was happy to use a more scuzzy, urban font instead. The ceremony will be in the middle of a city and it will be a fairly non-traditional wedding so this feels right.

I chose fresh, sweet colours to reflect the early summer date and our reception being near the green airiness of a large park. Hand made textures seemed important for a sense of the rustic handmade. I made some textures with my printing rollers and various sorts of paper and stencil, then overlaid everything in Photoshop. Collectively it’s a gentle hint at what the day will be – summery, London-y, a little bit rustic, non-traditional.

And here it is. Names changed to protect the innocent!

save the date sample

Old Tat teaser

The new issue of Old Tat is available for preorder and I’m excited to see the layered paper TAT sign and giant lip props I made in pride of place on the back of cover option 4.  http://oldtatmag.bigcartel.com/category/issue-04-magazine

pre order issue 04

There is also a fab behind the scenes video showing both of my willow pattern paper headdresses in use too.



If you like a fantastic arty fashion magazine, go get it. I’d advise that you get cover 4 but I’m biased!


Drawing Dave

Drawing Dave is a project by Dan Genders put together to raise money for the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK, in memory of the wonderful Roger Lloyd Pack.

With such a good cause and a funny excuse to draw I was delighted to take part.

Here are my Daves:


I admit this might be cheating! A painting of the word Dave. It’s got some lovely rose gold colour on the words which hasn’t shown up so well in the scan, but overall it looks nice and crispy in the flesh.

drawdave emmarussell davidlynch

One of my favourite Davids, David Lynch in a slightly whimsical ink drawing.

You can find more information about Drawing Dave here http://www.facebook.com/DrawDave Do stop by and check it out and you can find out about visiting the show, buying some work and donating some cash!

Construction Manager – cultural intelligence

Commissioned piece on cultural intelligence in Construction Manager magazine which was published this month. I really enjoyed making this piece.

construction manager

The Art Editor had quite a clear idea of the concept for this image, of people dropping their cultural baggage, and that she wanted part of the image to break out and have the text wrapped around. It was fun bringing it to life.

She also pointed out several pieces of mine were the right sort of style for the piece they wanted. I LOVE it when clients do that!

A little bit of the starting sketch. I liked this little gaggle of people for some reason.


Here was the sketch for the final piece

for social hand luggage sketch

And the (not actually that rough at all!) rough. The placement of the image within the article was moved at this stage so the gutter would fall in a different place. You can see the amendments to the layout between the rough and final with the arch, the man with his hand luggage and the crowd to the left so they would not be lost in the fold.


The final piece:

for social cultural intelligence construction manager

Christmas cards


A last chance to buy Christmas cards. Happy Sprout Day everyone!

The Sprout Day and Pigs in Blankets are available from both my online store and from Etsy, the 12 days of Christmas bird cards are only available from my online store.

IMG_2841IMG_2845 IMG_2848 IMG_2850IMG_2868   christmas pigs christmas sprout one partridge three hens two turtles

From the London Illustration Fair

The London Illustration Fair at The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf was a fantastic event.

There was a great atmosphere and so many interesting people to talk to. It was a lovely place to sit and work for three days too. I took my scalpel and mat so I could make a whole set of paper miniature dioramas while sitting at my stand.

DSC_1543 DSC_1869 FullSizeRender IMG_1883