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IF Puzzled

Here’s “foxed” my piece for this week’s Illustration Friday topic “Puzzled”.  How does she do that?

It’s line drawing on semi transparent paper over a collage.  In a crazed break (well, ok not crazy, but I’m trying to sound rock n roll!) with tradition I scanned the two pieces separately and put them together digitally.  I worry sometimes that the colours get a little lost when I scan or photograph the whole thing as a piece.  The colours are meant to be muted that’s why I use the overlaid paper, but not too fuzzy.

I think this seems to have worked pretty well, it looks fresher. I’d love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on it?

Here’s a snap of the whole thing as a piece for comparison:

And of the line drawing on its own


I went to an illustration workshop at St Martins a week or so ago.  It was a fantastically intensive run of briefs, deadlines and drawing exercises all flying at a huge rate of knots.  I loved every second!  So some work from it follows.

Brief to illustrate a quote  “the fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing”

Line drawing and collage

The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing

Some development doodles from my sketchbook, below.

I often find it interesting to draw from imagination first then look to reference material.  The way your brain tells you something looks is kind of strange!  I preferred my imagined, exaggeratedly pointy fox to those I drew from photos or watching my local ones play in the street, even though they were less accurate they felt really foxy to me.  The hedgehog improved with a good look through some reference material. The lower two sketches are from when I centred on the idea i wanted to use to illustrate the quote (the hedgepig with a class of foxes) and the final composition after some experiments changing scale and viewpoint.

foxier than fox