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IF Prepare

After an unseasonably warm winter so far, the frost is here and the wind is starting to bite.  I reckon it’s time to start preparing for winter.

I’ve got my plants ready for it, extra food is going out for the winter birds visiting and, even better, I have a beautiful new coat to keep out the chill.   Here’s a wintry woman to remind me to prepare for the coming cold and snow.  I wonder if she knows where I left those grey leg warmers…

Ink line drawing on translucent paper with collage

Grounded v2

Here’s a quick alternative version of the Grounded feet for Illustration Friday in my previous post

Paint on acetate with collage.

IF Grounded

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is grounded.

Here I am literally grounded.  Like most people, getting my feet into the grass, sand, sea or escaping into the forest make me feel reconnected to the world and myself.  This is collage with overlayed line drawing.

I’ve done a paint on acetate version too, here’s a link to it

And here’s a little sketchbook too.  Some of the foot drawings:

and my initial doodles thinking about Grounded

IF highlight

Hello again Illustration Friday.  It’s been far too long.

This week’s topic is “Highlight”.  As nature abhors a vacuum, so something in me hates to see a gap that could be filled with a pun!  So my high light, is.  I love old industrial lamps and the personalities they all seem to have. This illustration is collage with a line drawing.

There’s a couple of other versions below, a pencil and ink drawing, and my more usual collage with a translucent overlay.

IF Silent

Two doodles this week for Illustration Friday

Silent. What else but a giraffe playing charades?  Someone once told me that giraffes are silent.  Mute.  I’ve since found out that this isn’t true, but it seems it’s a fairly widespread belief.  I used to enjoy visiting the giraffe house at my local zoo when i was a child, when they did seem silent brushing back and forth between their paddock and the warm, hay smelling hush of their inside quarters.

I figured if they are silent then I bet they’re demons at charades.  No temptation to speak, they’d be master mimes!   I have a toy giraffe who rejoices in the name of Godfrey and sits around on a shelf in my house so he started out as my muse.  there’s some sketchbook down the bottom of this.

Another thing that floated into my brain was “silent as the grave”.   I imagined the Count lying back in his coffin for a day’s rest, keeping the grave silent by using headphones while he rocks out.

Both of these are ink line drawing with collage.  There’s things i’d change if they were going to be “finished” drawings, and there’s something decidedly unnerving about Godfrey getting his mime on. but they’ve raised a smile for me.  and how often do you get to say “i’m in a rush, sorry about the paper everywhere and there’s a vampire in the scanner”

some sketchbook


IF Stripes

“Stripes” for Illustration Friday              This is a cartridge paper construction I made as a sort of little film set that I lit for optimum stripiness.  Like the tv and tree narrative further down my blog, I wanted to keep it looking papery and matte.

alternative lighting angle

IF Contraption

Here’s the contraption that I live my life in, the body that carries me around.  I’m not sure it’s really biologically accurate.

There’s a Mirah song I’m very fond of called ‘Engine Heart’.  I’ve wilfully taken her entirely literally!  Although, saying that, here I have more of a pump heart.

IF Ferocious

The topic for Illustration Friday this week is Ferocious.  Grrrrr.  So here’s a self portrait (if only I were that cute!)

Ink and paint on acetate with collage

IF Mesmerizing

The topic for IF this week was “Mesmerizing”.  These people are mesmerised and it looks like they’re all mesmerised by you.  Run for your lives!  Or not, they look pretty friendly really.

This is my second week doing Illustration Friday!  I am so glad I stumbled on it, I was really excited about Friday rolling around.

Line drawing, acrylics



My first Illustration Friday post for the subject “Boundaries” following another delicious trip home on the Victoria Line!

Line drawing, paint and collage.  Illustration Friday is here