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wild seas for IF

wild seas for Illustration Friday the wild seas are harbouring this monster of the deep. but maybe he’s just helping the ship through the waves.

he’s hand cut cartridge paper.  people are often surprised by how tiny these things are in the flesh, so here;s a picture of him with a hairgrip for comparison.

Bear with me 3D

Bear with me

Bear and I are exploring the woodland around a country home, which fits rather neatly into this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “explore”

Here’s a close up

3d illustration, hand cut cartridge paper.

geared up from the olympics

here’s an olympic cyclist cunningly disguised as a greyhound… to try to tide myself over from the sudden lack of olympic and paralympic sport.

this 3d illustration is handcut paper for the lovely Illustration Rally, check them out here

Happy Rabbit Day Illustration Rally

Rabbits are dancing all over the place, it must be spring.  Happy easter bank holiday everyone, hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

Up above are dancing rabbits as a 3D paper construction and down below are some 2D dancing rabbits (line drawing on semi transparency over collage).

Return of the 3d – adrift

This is about when a freelance job is being difficult while you’re trying to find your way through it.  My partner works as a TV editor and a few days ago he described this sensation as being “adrift on a sea of television”   I thought that was a lovely summary so I set out to illustrate it.

Since my camera shuffled off its mortal coil I had been unable to photograph any 3D work without borrowing equipment from all over. I’ve now got my own digital camera again and it’s a relief to be making paper constructions again.  It’s so much fun and very satisfying – one of my favourite things to do.

Here’s a couple of alternate lighting views and a detail of the little fella and his huge tv monitor in the rowing boat. This is made of white cartridge paper cut with a scalpel.

IF highlight

Hello again Illustration Friday.  It’s been far too long.

This week’s topic is “Highlight”.  As nature abhors a vacuum, so something in me hates to see a gap that could be filled with a pun!  So my high light, is.  I love old industrial lamps and the personalities they all seem to have. This illustration is collage with a line drawing.

There’s a couple of other versions below, a pencil and ink drawing, and my more usual collage with a translucent overlay.

IF Stripes

“Stripes” for Illustration Friday              This is a cartridge paper construction I made as a sort of little film set that I lit for optimum stripiness.  Like the tv and tree narrative further down my blog, I wanted to keep it looking papery and matte.

alternative lighting angle

Narrative, 4 images, a tv and a tree

I watch TV all day, positioning it by the door so that I can sit under the tree in the garden

Another brief from the workshop.  A narrative illustration composed of 4 individual images for “I watch TV all day, positioning it by the door so that I can sit under the tree in the garden”.  I wanted to show an atmosphere of stillness.  I imagined the character isn’t someone who watches tv all day everyday.  There’s something particular, he’s waiting.  Instead of trying to show all the details, I would show the changes in the light across the garden and the house.   Here’s version one of the finished work.





I love making things from paper,  so I worked this through as a physical object on which I could change the lighting.  I wanted the paper to look… papery, not like an architect’s model or a model village.  I used heavy white cartridge to make flat models of everything except the tv in the foreground which I made 3D to pull it forward a little.  I lit my tiny film set varying the colour and angle of the lights to show the light moving throughout the day.

I am also going to make a 2D version, monoprinting or cutting stencils as I think it might fit the mood quite nicely.

There’s a gallery of basic sketches working through camera angles and planning the print version below.

[nggallery id=4]