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March meet the maker

I’m doing the Instagram challenge “Meet the Maker” this month. It was invented by Joanne Hawker as a way to tell the story of your designer maker business. It’s so much fun seeing everyone’s workplaces, process and faces!

Day 1 – You

Day 2 – Favourite to make

Day 3 – Workspace


Day 4 – Tools

Day 5 – Boomerang

I’m not sure how to place a Boomerang so here’s a link to it!

Day 6 – Raw materials

Day 7 – How it’s made

Day 8 – Where

Day 9 – Work in progress



Bespoke paper headpieces, lips & sign artworks

My paper artwork featured in the Monochrome with a Dash of Colour. I was commissioned to make paper headpieces based on willow pattern dishes, a pair of huge juicy paper lips and a big pop art flash sign saying “TAT”. Here it is in print:

IMG_3096 IMG_3094 IMG_3091 IMG_3089 IMG_3088

When I’d just completed the headpieces:

hat IMG_1539 IMG_2709

The making of the lips and TAT sign:

IMG_2745 IMG_2748 IMG_2749 IMG_2756 IMG_2758 IMG_2762

Initial sketches:


Old Tat teaser

The new issue of Old Tat is available for preorder and I’m excited to see the layered paper TAT sign and giant lip props I made in pride of place on the back of cover option 4.  http://oldtatmag.bigcartel.com/category/issue-04-magazine

pre order issue 04

There is also a fab behind the scenes video showing both of my willow pattern paper headdresses in use too.



If you like a fantastic arty fashion magazine, go get it. I’d advise that you get cover 4 but I’m biased!


Picture interview with Kollektiv Gallery

I was interviewed by Sophie Giblin the curator of Kollektiv Gallery. The proviso with their interviews is that all the answers have to be pictures. I did mine entirely in paper, you can see the piece here  http://www.kollektivgallery.com/artists/emma-russell/

and here’s a few images from it:

3 somewhere unusual 4 in front 5 enemy or crush  7 fuck shit up  9 ancestry

Hell yeah!

Some paper cut lettering

hellyeah close1 hellyeah

hellyeah close2


experiment with different colour background:

hellyeah yellow

This week I ‘ave mostly been making…

Here’s some of what I’ve been up to in the last 7 days:

Tony’s Funtime Sweaty Freak Party

The ever fantastic Tony Johnson has thrown a party in the woods. An illustrated party that is, look he can explain here:


My dancing helldog has gone along.  As with any werewolf in a social situation, all I can really do is keep my fingers crossed that not too many heads get ripped off and eaten.

dancing helldog emma russell

You can see some of the results on Twitter under the hashtag #TonysFuntimeFreakParty


Paper miniatures

Some work in progress for a picture interview with Kollectiv Gallery.

tiny tea emma russellhouses emma russell paper woodshed emma russell



Some snippets from drawings for corporate clients.

5BR-13A Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 13.40.26

#BAGSIE featured in Digital Arts and Design Week

Two new features about #BAGSIE.  The Digital Arts one is fun as this is the first time I’ve seen the photos of my #BAGSIE portrait:



Sneak preview – Paper presents

emma russell sea

I’ve been making extra-specially tiny paper scenes.  I will be doing a mail out to art directors and agents soon (once I have had my promotional postcards reprinted following something of a printing fail by the company I used first time) and have been making tiny boxes of paper as little promo gifts to send out with some of them.  I’ve also got stickers and badges, so I can alternate the freebies around different companies!

emma russell fox box emma russell bear box

wild seas for IF

wild seas for Illustration Friday the wild seas are harbouring this monster of the deep. but maybe he’s just helping the ship through the waves.

he’s hand cut cartridge paper.  people are often surprised by how tiny these things are in the flesh, so here;s a picture of him with a hairgrip for comparison.

Bear with me 3D

Bear with me

Bear and I are exploring the woodland around a country home, which fits rather neatly into this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “explore”

Here’s a close up

3d illustration, hand cut cartridge paper.