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Meet the Maker day 13

Day 13 #marchmeetthemaker is photography OK confession up front – product photography is a weak spot for me! Taking photos of little things that fit in a little folding soft box I have is fine. But larger things like these bags, or prints i find tricky. Especially framed prints… the reflections!

Meet the Maker day 11

Day 11 #marchmeetthemaker is post. I like sending out orders – an excuse for tissue paper, stickers, perhaps a little pretty twine if the package is big enough! I often draw the growling bunny on the parcel paper or colourful padded bag to keep an eye on things!

Quick Draw undiscovered mammals

o monoceros new

This week’s topic for Off Life’s Quick Draw (one hour doodle to a topic) was “mammals that haven’t been discovered yet”, so here’s a horned rabbit.

I’ve recoloured it since then, underneath are the original colours, the pencil sketch and a version with a bit of furry pattern.

o monoceros monoceros pencil monoceros new

Mail Me Art 3

wipe that look off your face

line drawing on translucent paper over collage on envelope.

This is my bit for Mail Me Art 3.

Mail Me Art 3 is a project devised by Darren de Lieto of the Little Chimp Society bringing together mail art from 200 artists, illustrators and other exciting creative people across the world.  I’m very pleased and excited to have been selected for  it.  Each contributor illustrates a C5 envelope on one side and addresses it to Mail Me Art on the other.  Then we stamp and send the envelope with the illustration taking its chances out there in the world, left to Royal Mail’s tender mercies!  The envelope is the work, not the contents.  An exhibition and book of the work follows in July.  I absolutely cannot wait to see what the other 199 people have made and how all the work has survived through the mail.

We could each choose whether to leave the envelope empty or put something inside.  I put another little bit of work inside as I like the idea of a free gift! It’s a little postcard-sized drawing called Bath Night.  Here’s a scan of it:

rabbit hearted girl

rabbit hearted girl

i drew this after using the phrase “rabbit hearted girl” when describing a fear of something that I was trying to get past.  But it turns out this could be an accidental homage to a song! I looked “rabbit hearted” up to find out if is a phrase and i’ve found “rabbit heart” is a florence+the machine song.  i don’t know how that passed me by when she’s so famous!

run back to the forest

line drawing and collage


Here are a few sketches of reference material for some ideas i’m working on

new logo

I’ve made a new logo for me and my work using the self portrait fierce bunny illustration of a few months ago.  I like that it could conceivably be either a drawing or paper silhouette (actually it’s a drawing doctored in PS).

Happy Rabbit Day Illustration Rally

Rabbits are dancing all over the place, it must be spring.  Happy easter bank holiday everyone, hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

Up above are dancing rabbits as a 3D paper construction and down below are some 2D dancing rabbits (line drawing on semi transparency over collage).