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RCA Secret postcards 2016

1 and 2 blue yellow copy 2 and 1 yellow blue copy 3 yellow blue copy

Time has whizzed by and I haven’t yet shared my postcards from this year’s RCA secret. It’s always a great event, the money raised from the sale of cards goes to support the Royal College of Art students and the possibility of scooping up a little piece of work that you love is brilliant!

These are my three cards in acrylic paint, printing ink and pen and ink. Two for the London show, one for the Dubai show. I was thrilled that the buyers from the London show both got in touch.

RCA Secret 2015

This year’s Royal College of Art Secret exhibition and sale of work raised nearly £150,000 which goes directly to bursaries for post-grad Fine Art students. The RCA spread the show to Dubai so there were four postcards to make, three for London and one for Dubai. My postcards were all paper cut typography.

stop it pull


Secret revealed – postcards for RCA Secret show 2013

This year’s RCA Secret postcard show is complete and all the artists’ names have been revealed. Have a look on their website to see all the artists and cards.  There are some wonderful pieces of work.

Here are the cards that I made. Pear Woman, Tomato Man and Citrus Woman…

They’re all line drawings on translucent paper over collage.

I hope their new owner enjoys them!  I wonder who’s got them?

secret's out

Now all the postcards are sold to raise money for the Fine Art Student Award Fund, RCA Secret  has owned up to who’s who. So we can all confess.  And I promise I will stop going on about Secret for a bit!   Funny to think someone out there owns the originals of these now, if they sold of course.  If you have one I hope you enjoy it.

Mr Rabbit is ink line drawing and collage as is my engine, below.

This is the odd one out, line drawing and painting:

RCA Secret product photos

Here are the finished products sporting my illustration for RCA Secret’s 18th birthday show.  If you don’t know it, the exhibition is of 2,900 postcard sized artworks at the Royal College of Art, signed only on the reverse, so on sale day collectors buy a work and only discover who it’s by after they’ve purchased it.  It’s a fantastic show to see.  The postcards are displayed in 10 x 10 grids, the individual works are lovely and en masse they make a beautiful whole.





Here’s the RCA Secret website

RCA Secret

Phew, I can finally talk about it!  Here’s a screen grab from the RCA Secret website:

For the first time ever RCA Secret are selling a range of merchandise to celebrate their eighteenth birthday.  I was lucky enough to do the illustration for the T-shirts, badges, pens and pads.  Like the postcards in the show, all the proceeds go to student funds.  I love this show!  thousands of gorgeous little A6 pieces of work lining the walls of the gallery.

Here’s the illustration I made:

I’d been asked to use the photos of the show in the gallery from previous years for reference hence the gallery image.  I’ll update this over the weekend with sketchbook and some photos of the finished products.