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Picture interview with Kollektiv Gallery

I was interviewed by Sophie Giblin the curator of Kollektiv Gallery. The proviso with their interviews is that all the answers have to be pictures. I did mine entirely in paper, you can see the piece here  http://www.kollektivgallery.com/artists/emma-russell/

and here’s a few images from it:

3 somewhere unusual 4 in front 5 enemy or crush  7 fuck shit up  9 ancestry

This week I ‘ave mostly been making…

Here’s some of what I’ve been up to in the last 7 days:

Tony’s Funtime Sweaty Freak Party

The ever fantastic Tony Johnson has thrown a party in the woods. An illustrated party that is, look he can explain here:


My dancing helldog has gone along.  As with any werewolf in a social situation, all I can really do is keep my fingers crossed that not too many heads get ripped off and eaten.

dancing helldog emma russell

You can see some of the results on Twitter under the hashtag #TonysFuntimeFreakParty


Paper miniatures

Some work in progress for a picture interview with Kollectiv Gallery.

tiny tea emma russellhouses emma russell paper woodshed emma russell



Some snippets from drawings for corporate clients.

5BR-13A Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 13.40.26